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picolodia.com needs your help! We're searching for translators for our languages and further languages. If you want to help, please contact us under .

German original version

Mathias Heilmann, Berlin, Germany

http://de.picolodia.com/ launched since August 2006
English translation

Christian Rogge, Berlin, Germany

http://en.picolodia.com/ launched since August 2006
Latvian translation

Jolanta Pranča, Riga, Latvia

http://lv.picolodia.com/ launched since December 2006
Japanese translation

Kenji Kobayashi, Tokyo, Japan

http://ja.picolodia.com/ launched since February 2007
French translation

Ali Messaoudi, Berlin, Germany
M. Madicke, Nouakchott, Mauritania

http://fr.picolodia.com/ launched since February 2007
Polish translation

Marcin Koza, Berlin, Germany

http://pl.picolodia.com/ launched since March 2007
Chinese translation

Peng Quintao, Shanghai, China
Miao Yeting, Chengdu, China

http://zh.picolodia.com/ launched since April 2007
Croatian translation

Branko Piktija, Zagreb, Croatia

http://hr.picolodia.com/ launched since September 2007
Spanish translation

Silvia Bartsch, Mallorca, El Toro

http://es.picolodia.com/ launched since December 2007
Dutch translation

Titia Pitschner, Reichelsheim, Germany

http://nl.picolodia.com/ launched since June 2008
Portuguese translation

Titia Pitschner, Cabração, Portugal

http://pt.picolodia.com/ launched since June 2008
Arabic translation

not mentioned by name

Under construction
Italian translation

not mentioned by name

Under construction
Swedish translation

Rebecca Fraederich, Berlin, Germany

Under construction
Vietnamese translation

Phuong Linh Nguyen Vo, Berlin, Germany

Under construction